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Babu Sunder Singh Institute Of Technology And Management

(Approved By AICTE, Govt. of India & Affiliated to AKTU, BTE Lucknow)

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The Conference Room at BSSITM is a modern and well-equipped facility designed to cater to a variety of needs, including meetings, presentations, and corporate recruitment proceedings. Key features of our Conference Room include:

Contemporary Interiors

Our Conference Room is designed with contemporary interiors that create a professional and inviting atmosphere. The aesthetically pleasing environment contributes to a positive and productive experience for participants.

Ergonomic Conference Chairs

We prioritize the comfort of our guests and provide ergonomic conference chairs that offer excellent support during long meetings or presentations. These chairs are designed to promote good posture and reduce fatigue, ensuring a comfortable experience for attendees.

LCD Projection System

To facilitate effective presentations and visual aids, our Conference Room is equipped with an LCD projection system. This technology enables seamless sharing of presentations, videos, and other multimedia content, enhancing the overall communication experience.

Air Conditioning

Maintaining a comfortable temperature is essential for creating an optimal meeting environment. Our Conference Room is equipped with air conditioning to ensure a pleasant and conducive atmosphere, regardless of the outside weather conditions.

Electrical & LAN Connections for Laptops

We understand the importance of connectivity and the need for participants to use their laptops during meetings or presentations. The Conference Room is equipped with electrical and LAN connections, allowing attendees to easily connect and power their laptops for seamless integration into the meeting setup.

Individual Microphones

To ensure clear and audible communication, individual microphones are provided in the Conference Room. These microphones enable participants to express their thoughts and ideas with clarity, facilitating effective discussions and presentations.