Our Inspiration

BABU SUNDER SINGH JI (14.09.1933-18.06.2001)

Babu Sunder Singh Ji was a renowned Lawyer & Politician. He was a member of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly and the member of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council up to 1996. He was a philanthropic and dedicated his entire career in the service of mankind. He understood the value of education and coaxed everybody to receive proper education. Babu Sunder Singh Ji facilitated many deserving children for pursuing higher studies. Babu Sunder Singh ji established a vocational training school and a charitable hospital in his district to serve the people.

He was the founder member of Kisan DegreeCollege, Bahraich. He established a degree college at Huzurpur, Baharaich which has grown out to be a preferred destination for graduate education and earned distinction for academic excellence.