Seminar By Russian Scientists

The institute organized a seminar on March 17 2011 in BSSITM Campus ,LUCKNOW.The topic of the seminar was "Polymer Science and Engineering".The scientist are participated in this seminar the are:-

1. Anatolii D. Pomogailo (Head, Institute of Problem of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Mascow Russia)

2. Dr.Gulzhian I.Dzhardimalieva (Senior Scientist,Laboratory of Metallopolymers of Problems of Chemical Physics Russian Academy of Sciences,Chernogolovka,MASCOW)

3.Dr.SvetlanaI.Pomogailo(SeniorScientific Researcher,Laboratory of Metallopolymers Russian Academy of Sciences MASCOW)

4. Dr.Bal Chandra Yadav (Department of Physics,Lucknow University)

5. Dr.Navneet Mishra (Department of Physics, Kanpur University)