BABU SUNDER SINGH Foundation (BSSF) is a Welfare Organization striving for the upliftment of the poor, down trodden, and under privileged in the society irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

Our Mission

Babu Sunder Singh Foundation’s is dedicated to social-economic & educational transformation of rural areas of UttarPradesh, especially the weaker and socially underprivileged groups, through physical, social, cultural and economic development of rural people, groups and institutions.


Babu Sunder Singh Foundation’s history starts with the story of compassion. Babu Sunder Singh, a kind hearted social activist took up the challenge of being and working for the poor. He has just one aim in life, that no one should be deprived of the good education and health. For this reasons he established various educational institutes for the common people. He worked his entire life in the serving of mankind , whether it is giving a poor child school fees , or giving food , clothes , helping a person who is deprived from his health is being like a motto of his life, during his lifetime Babu ji had opened various educational institute in his district , first step was to open a Inter college on a name of his elder brother “ Phool Bakhs Inter College” which is in bahraich , he also served “ Kisan Degree College” as a manager. Kamla jan seva sansthan was started by babuji in bahraich , bakhsipura with a aim to help the needful. He did what he can did in his entire life and what is left is now being followed by Mr. Anand Shekar Singh. Now to fulfill his dream , Son of Babuji ,Mr. Anand Shekhar Singh ( Founder BSSF , Chairman Bssitm ) founded Babu Sunder singh foundation , on a name of his beloved father with a aim to help the needful .

Education programmes

Babu Sunder Singh Foundation’s open various institutes for the purpose of offering children a formal education otherwise not available to them. Today, Babu Sunder Singh public school continues to educate young minds, drawing more than 500 students for its current school year. Babu Sunder Singh Foundation’s wished to further enhance the academic possibilities, and thus the Babu Sunder Singh Degree college was opened in the memory of Babu Sunder Singh ji and in 2010 other dream follow An Engineering Institute “ Babu Sunder Singh Institute of Technology and Management”

Health programmes

Babu Sunder Singh Foundation’s offers health camps every week these camps are free of charge and its offers free medicine and treatments to the villagers of Bahraich.

Plantation Programmes

Babu Sunder Singh Foundation’s has organized various Plantation Programmes to spread awareness in the society

Not only clean , Go Green

On the occasion of gandhi jayanti Babu Sunder Singh Foundation has organized a Swachh Bharat Abhiyan based on the slogan - “ Not Only Clean , Go Green” with a planning to organize it every year .

Blanket Distribution

Babu Sunder Singh foundation organizes these kinds of functions at regular intervals where members of BSSF distribute Woolen blankets and clothes to the needful.

Future :

Our aim is to work for humanity and by which common people have access to good health and education. People receive adequate health care and medical aid that doesn’t get any medical help. Social security and poverty alleviation programs of the government reach the needy. Education is available to all. The economic advantage in society has access to fundamental human needs. All destitute will find shelter and protection. The dignity of the downtrodden is restored and feels proud of his life. Social emancipation is possible for all. Our motive is to make the environment clean, unpolluted and healthy.