Padhenge Padhayenge Shiksha Abhiyan @ BSSITM

Our Vision :

Millions of children are still confine in the vicious circle of poverty, child labour, and lack of education. They endure some of the worst conditions experienced, anywhere in the world. It is a pity that even today we are struggling to ensure basic rights to the children.
As part of our commitment for uplifting socially and economically weaker strata of society and to protect the threatened and uphold rights of children like Right to Education, nutrition, health, shelter and protection, an initiative “Padhenge Padhayenge Shiksha Abhiyan” was undertaken in 2018, free education is provided to the children of near-by villages. Not only we motivate the children to attend classes but we celebrate every festivals and happiness with them. Sweaters and blankets in winters, slippers in the summer etc. are distributed from time-to-time. The objective is to nurture children by imparting quality education, inculcating values and providing vocational training for skill development and personality enhancement.