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About National Service Scheme (NSS)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a youth-oriented program aimed at developing social consciousness and promoting community service among students. At BSSITM College, we believe in nurturing the spirit of volunteerism and active citizenship through the NSS.

The NSS offers students an opportunity to contribute to society and address local community needs through various service initiatives. It instills values of empathy, social responsibility, and leadership in students, preparing them to become socially conscious individuals.

Key Objectives of the National Service Scheme:
  1. Promoting Community Engagement
  2. Creating Awareness about Social Issues
  3. Providing Service to Underprivileged Sections of Society
  4. Developing Leadership and Teamwork Skills
  5. Encouraging Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Practices
  6. Organizing Health Camps, Blood Donation Drives, and Awareness Programs
  7. Empowering Students for Active Citizenship

Through the NSS, students have the opportunity to participate in various community service activities, camps, workshops, and awareness campaigns. The NSS encourages students to actively engage with the community, understand social issues, and contribute to positive change.

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